Weizmann Square

Watts Combina– Andres Jaque, Office for political innovation in collaboration with Kerem Halbrecht.

Designed as a usable and un-obtrusive structure, Watts Combina is made up of a series of carbon fibre windmills with a Photovoltaic membrane that move with the wind. Creating charge for 20 batteries that in turn can be used to power devices allowing for the playing of music, recording of poetry and digital display of photographs. The space is constantly changing and evolving with the public who engage with it.

The design includes furniture at its base, encouraging people to gather below the shade and participate in the different projects and events being run. Social activation and integration are at the crux of this design.

Watts Combina does not aim to become a precious icon, but rather a usable not-monumental soft infrastructure. A series of windmills with a Photovoltaic membrane, made of an extremely light carbon fibre structure that move with the wind, and charge 20 batteries used to play music, to read poetry, to show the photographs of a recent wedding or to dance on Sunday mornings. Electrical plugs, speakers, projectors and lights facilitate these activities to emerge as self-managed ones.

Void steel basic furniture placed in its base lets people gather below Watts Combina’s shade. Finally, an application holds a basic signing-in code-based system to access each ones accounts of Watts, helps manage the use of the project for different activities.

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