Yeoman Shield Wall Protection continues roll out at Springwell School


Yeoman Shield protection panels have been an un-mitigating success at Springwell School in Hartlepool.

The school caters for children aged 3 to 11 years who have a broad range of specialist needs and he vibrant and busy spaces can suffer from impact damage caused by the everyday activities of the students and staff.

To counteract such damage and to keep the classroom and communal areas looking clean and welcoming the school have previously utilised Yeoman Shield FalmouthEx Wall and Door Protection Panels.

Site Manager, Dean Henson commented,

“We already have Yeoman Shield protection panels on walls and doors in areas around the school, including the hall which can be used for many things ranging from a dining hall to activities hall. The panels have been in place for around 5 to 6 years and still look as good as new.”

Having proved to be long lasting and durable the school decided to bring Yeoman Shield installers back during the February half term to continue the wall protection panels throughout corridors.

Yeoman Shield 2.0mm thick FalmouthEx protection panels were supplied on this occasion in attractive mid grey and lilac colours with the addition of a waved top giving a decorative feel to the walls.

Manufactured from a non-porous rigid PVCu the protection panels are not only easy to clean but are inherently hygienic as they do not promote the growth of bacteria or mould.

As recognised by Springwell School the implementation of wall and door protection systems can reduce the amount of time and money spent on the repair and re-decoration of wall and doors throughout the buildings, extending the lifecycle of the interior décor.

For more information on how to transform and maintain the interior of education facilities with Yeoman Shield Protection Products go to or call 0113 279 5854.