Waterproofing Below Ground Structures to BS 8102:2022

Diving into the realms of structural waterproofing, we aim to provide Architects, Designers, and Specifiers with comprehensive knowledge about structural waterproofing methods, in alignment with BS 8102:2022.  This involves a detailed exploration of the critical elements and factors that a waterproofing design specialist employs to craft robust and reliable waterproofing solutions.  The discourse will encompass a variety of subjects, including Types A, B, and C, denoting the diverse forms of structural waterproofing systems prevalent in the UK market. Additionally, we will delve into remedial strategies for mitigating design risks.

Learning Aims:

  • To understand the diverse applications of waterproofing systems.
  • Tools and techniques for understanding types of waterproofing systems and their placement.
  • Design Principles.
  • British Standards play a pivotal role in the design of waterproofing systems, ensuring they meet stringent criteria. It’s crucial to understand how to design these systems according to standards. By doing so, you ensure the systems are robust, efficient, and comply with all relevant regulations.
  • In order to maximise the effectiveness of the waterproofing solution, it’s crucial to understand product compatibility.  Ensuring compatibility of products and systems to reduce risk and mitigate failure.

All Delta’s seminars have received approval from RIBA and are accredited with double points.

Delta’s CPD presentations are offered in several accessible formats.  Available in person for a more traditional, interactive experience.  Alternatively, they’re available as private webinars, which are conducted on digital platforms like Teams or Zoom. For those who prefer flexibility, these presentations can also be accessed as recorded versions “on Demand”, allowing for self-paced learning.

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Delta Membrane Systems Limited is a manufacturer and provider of specialist structural waterproofing solutions, covering Types A, B and C waterproofing, combination waterproofing, damp proofing, flood resilience and ground gas protection.

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