W40 steel profiles an ideal match for modern living

The versatile W40 window profiles, specifically developed by the Steel Window Association (SWA) for its members, are a stylish and modern solution that suit both new-build and refurbishment applications.

While the classic W20 section continues to be preferred by conservationists and many property owners for early 20th century and older properties, W40 exemplifies how steel fenestration systems have kept pace with modern tastes and technical demands, while retaining key attributes such as strength and excellent daylight transmission.

Today’s W40 profiles, manufactured from hot rolled steel, provide greater flexibility than their predecessors, being able too accommodate thicker double or even triple glazing units. They are also capable of creating larger window openings without coupling individual frames together.

Doors manufactured using W40 profiles and featuring double or triple glazing can achieve very good thermal performance, while further providing excellent security; with multipoint locking being an option.

The preferred IG unit for a building regulations compliant W40 steel window now features a 4-8-4-8-4mm construction, with two soft-coat Low-E panes; plus warm edge spacer bars and argon gas filling.  They can also contain acoustic glass, making W40 designs ideal for many inner-city areas where noise pollution is a common issue.

The SWA represents steel window manufacturers, from expert restorers working with heritage bodies and local conservation officers, to large companies producing W40 frames for commercial offices and leisure destinations as well as modern apartment blocks, schools, hospitals, and other public buildings. Significantly, W40 profiles can be used to fabricate a wide variety of opening formats, including multi-leaf folding/stacking doors, in a full selection of RAL colours.

The SWA offers UK wide coverage with member companies able to carry out the full range of contracts from the repair and restoration of heritage windows through to the installation of major fenestration packages in contemporary commercial, residential and other types of developments.

For further information on the Steel Window Association or if you’re interested in becoming a member, please visit www.steel-window-association.co.uk