VMZINC from Napoleon to the Stirling Prize

Episode 33 of the Building Insights podcast is out now!

This week’s episode of the Building Insights podcast is brought to you in association with VMZINC. James Parker, editor of Architects’ Datafile, speaks to Jonathan Lowy, operational marketing manager at the company. Jonathan’s held several roles in 27+ years at VMZINC, but maintains a really infectious enthusiasm for all things zinc.

Despite a long history since its emergence as a roofing material for townhouses in Paris in the mid 19th century, zinc is still something of a newcomer in UK roofing and cladding. However architects love its subtle looks and roofers love its workability, so it’s a compelling choice. Jonathan discusses zinc’s future in the UK market, and how it’s progressed from Napoleon III to the Stirling Prize.

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