Triton Systems used in underpinning old Kent water mill

One of Triton Systems most experienced installers has employed a package of its waterproofing products, while carrying technically challenging improvements to the basement and substructure of a 19th century watermill in Kent. Archer Specialist Treatments was called in by the South African based owner of the scenic residential property near Ashford, owing to it suffering continuing problems of water ingress as the floor level lies nearly two metres below the surface of the old mill pond.

Paul Halliwell, a Chartered Builder and Director of Archer Specialist Treatments, recounted:

“The waterproofing and conservation work on this old water mill were made more complicated by the fact that the floor level had been previously lowered by another building company, without properly tanking the structure and also the fact the client wanted to retain a decorative stonework wall within the basement. Formed largely of Kent Stone (a type of sandstone) this was painstakingly dismantled and numbered, but this revealed that the original footings to the timber framed building had not been underpinned and as there were concerns about the integrity of the pond’s own lining structure, we called in STAP Structural Engineering from Rochester, as well as Triton Systems’ area surveyor for advice. This resulted in a solution being decided on which involved ‘hit-and-miss’ underpinning to a depth of 1400mm and the new foundation wall being lined with Triton’s CM8 membrane draining into the sump. It all took seven weeks, but has proved fully successful.”

The remedial foundation works involved excavating one metre long sections of the old blue clay sub-soil from beneath the existing footings to a width of 400 mm, before installing reinforcing cages and building a shutter to retain high strength concrete. Once this had reached sufficient strength, the intermediate sections were dug out and cast before the CM8 studded drainage membrane was installed along the full 10 metre length. This drains down into a similar length of Triton Aquachannel, connecting to one of the manufacturer’s submersible pumps. The complete system also features one of Triton’s battery-powered back up pumps, providing insurance against power cuts.”

Paul Halliwell concluded:

“Archer Treatments is a family run business which has been trading successfully for 35 years – working from Chichester on the South Coast across to Canterbury and taking in much of London. In the two decades or more we’ve been using Triton, we have come to depend on the product range’s quality and reliability for all types of residential projects in different ground conditions. On a regular basis we employ their cavity drain systems – the TM3, CM8 and CM20 – the injection chemicals for damp-proofing and the TT55 cementitious waterproofing additive as well as the fungal and dry rot chemicals. It is a very good relationship we have with the company.”

As a long-established manufacturer with a very successful track record, Triton Systems offers a wide range of well proven products to cover damp-proofing problems, timber protection, structural repairs, condensation control and the penetration of gases such as radon and methane. Its technical advisory service is also able to offer advice on specific project requirements, as well as guidance on relevant product compliances.

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