The Real Advantages of Using Precast Concrete for Your Building or Construction Project

You may already know that the materials you select for your building or construction project will make a world of difference to its efficiency, budget, the length of time you can finish, your site’s safety, and more. And although there may be a good number of materials you can use, precast concrete has become an established material for many projects, and it comes with plenty of benefits indeed. Aside from being strong and robust, precast concrete also offers thermal insulation properties you couldn’t easily find with other materials.

 But what are the real advantages of using precast concrete for your building or construction project? Here’s what you should know.

  • Enhanced thermal properties

Precast concrete panels are comprised of different elements to enhance their strength, but one significant property offered by precast concrete panels is their thermal insulation property. Many precast concrete panel manufacturers make use of a mix of EPS foam and concrete, and the process ensures that the foam is maximised within the piece or panel. This increases the panel’s insulation, and if you have a building made from precast concrete panels, you should be able to reduce your consumption of energy by up to 30 per cent. 

  • Made from sustainable components and materials 

Whether you would like to have a building made from precast concrete or would like to have a king post wall using precast concrete, you can be sure that it’s a material that is highly sustainable. Concrete has a long history, and its use dates back to the Roman era. The durability of concrete is well known, and one of the primary reasons why it is such a popular material is that it is made from sustainable components. Many of the components used to manufacture precast concrete can be sourced locally, from the cement to the fine or coarse aggregates, steel, and more. 

  • Flexibility and viability 

Precast concrete is innately flexible and viable as a building material, especially when you compare it to other materials. If your requirements evolve in the future, your existing building or structure made from precast concrete can be easily modified and expanded. If you make use of precast concrete walls and panels, it is not a problem to remove dock or pedestrian doors, remove a significant portion of an existing wall, or incorporate options to let in natural light, amongst others. What’s more, since precast concrete panels or walls are modular in design, you can completely repurpose your entire building or walls. Your options are not limited according to the material you choose, and it is relatively easy to transform a structure into something wholly different if the need arises. 

  • Fast and easy installation 

Any project will have a timeline, and if time is of the essence for your project, you need not worry about the installation of your precast concrete walls or panels. In fact, precast concrete is known for its fast and easy installation – it’s the benchmark of precast concrete. Imagine this: if you want a wall for your property, the standard assembly can take a long time as blocks are delivered and you still have to assemble and construct them. Not so with precast concrete walls, which are ready for you to install as soon as they arrive at the site. A good crew will have no difficulty installing 20 to as many as 30 panels per day.