Successful strategies for construction project managers in Perth

Are you a project manager in Perth looking to get involved in the construction industry? Or maybe you are already a construction manager with a big project on the horizon?

To be a successful project manager, you need to be organised in the initiation, planning, execution, performance and closure of your project, however, you also need to have and in depth knowledge of the complicated field that is the construction industry.

As part of a successful construction project strategy, you need to be responsible for all areas including the architects, contractors and suppliers you hire in Perth. This is no easy job as you will also have to ensure that the project and budget stay on track.

In this article we’ll take you through the different strategies that you will need to implement as a construction project manager to ensure that your project is a success.

Create A Flow of Communication
One of the most important parts of any project management strategy is to ensure that there is good communication between all parties. When you are establishing a flow of communication you will need to make sure that everyone is involved from the stakeholders to suppliers. This transparency will make all processes smoother and hopefully will also reduce the amount of emails that are sent when a problem arises.

Make Sure You Are Continuously Planning
Before any sort of actual construction takes place, it is important that you have planned everything well in advance. However, in construction things do not always go exactly to plan and so it is also important that you are continuously revising and developing any plans until the project is completed.

There are many factions of a construction project that require extensive planning such as design, pre-construction and procurement and so at any stage these early plans could change. For example, you may encounter an unexpected environmental problem and so the design of your building will need to change. These types of problems arising are not uncommon in the construction industry, however, they can easily be rectified as long as you are constantly looking over your plans.

This continuous planning also needs to continue through the building of your project. While you will be working with professional and experienced plumbers, electricians, carpenters and scaffolders around Perth, you will still need to ensure that there is a focused direction and that all plans are coordinated with each other. Plans often need refining due to delays and equipment failures and it is vital that everyone is in the loop to work through these issues cohesively.

All good construction project managers should be fully involved with the project and their team. You should be an integral part of the process and work alongside others, which can often make this quite a physical job too due to the nature of the industry.

In this industry there will also be a lot of times where you will need to see an issue in person before you can resolve it. Make sure that you are familiarised with the construction site the project is taking place at and that you know the role of every individual there. This is an industry that is constantly evolving and so it is important that you keep on top of any new practices, equipment and advancements that take place. This also means that you should always be asking questions and educating yourself via other members of your team.

Keep to Your Budget
As a construction project manager for Perth commercial builders, money will constantly be on your mind as it is your job to ensure that projects are carried out on schedule and to budget. It can be hard to keep track of finances in this role as money can be exchanged from an array of different financial resources. From making a bid on the project to closing it out, you are responsible for all financial transactions. This will mean working alongside your accountants closely to ensure that all costs are accurately recorded.

Have Automated Reporting Systems
If you are already a construction project manager, then you will know that your inbox is constantly being inundated with questions. Not only that, it can also feel as though the phone is constantly ringing off the hook. This is why it is a good idea to implement and automated reporting system as part of your strategy. All construction projects will require you to distribute weekly lots of spreadsheets and status reports but there are now lots of online tools that you can utilise to help you with this. With these automated systems, you know that your reports are going to the right people at the correct times, which means you can then focus on other parts of the project.