Storm Protection for 19th Century Hotel with Vortex Shutter

Only a walk away from Tynemouth Castle, the Grand Hotel has long been a remarkable landmark. Built in the early 1870s as a summer residence, the property was converted into a magnificent hotel in 1877. Since then, it has survived 2 world wars, the 1930s depression and a constant change of ownership.

Rather unconventionally, a bespoke Vortex Bolt-On roller shutter from CGT Security now contributes to preserving a portion of the hotel’s architecture!

As the hotel is located at the top of a cliff and faces the sea, it would often experience extreme winds. Whilst in an ideal location for tourists, bad weather did lead to a very draughty reception and entrance area.

Vortex offered the ideal protection against extreme winds for this luxury seafront hotel by safeguarding the entrance and lobby from harsh weather effects.

A certified solution against storm impact and capable of resisting wind loads of up to 114 MPH, the Vortex Shutter by CGT Security was an ideal solution for protecting this luxury hotel from frequent storms.

Vortex’s small rolling feature and radically reduced installation space maximises the overall opening size but minimises the visual impact of the shutter on the hotel’s elegant facade. A Vortex shutter has a patented lath design resulting in up to a 50% smaller roll zone when compared to standard shutters. It was installed with a perforated lath to allow outside guests to see through the entrance and know that the hotel is open.

Not only that, but Vortex shutters can also be finished in any RAL colour, in this case, ensuring that the colour is sympathetic to the historic stone of the building.

Vortex now protects the main entrance from being forced open and prevents the weather from being let into the lobby, whilst preserving the aesthetics of this remarkable building.

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