Still at its best, Johnson & Starley warm air heating

Johnson & Starley’s WarmCair condensing warm air heating range is suitable for a wide range of applications including private residential and social housing as well as smaller commercial applications such as schools, sports facilities, nursing homes and community centres. With rapid warm up times and low noise levels, models are suitable for new builds and the direct replacement of existing warm air systems.

Designed for simple and quick installation, the WarmCair warm air heating system offers many space saving and room layout advantages over wet heating systems. There is a choice of upflow or downflow models available with or without hot water and incorporating a stainless steel heat exchanger and other first class component to ensure long life and low maintenance costs.

Compliant with Building Regulations Part L, WarmCair heaters produce up to 36kW heat output and are up to 98 per cent thermally efficient. Savings in gas consumption can be as much as 28 per cent. An optional ‘Cleanflow’ electronic air filtration system provides the added benefit of filtered air with the ability to filter 95 per cent of airborne pollutants as small as 1 micron including pollen, dust and cigarette smoke.

Another option which will provide all the advantages of warm air heating would be to install a Johnson & Starley Aquair water to air space heater together with another suitable heat source such as the Johnson & Starley QuanTec boiler. This can replace any existing warm air heater in a single dwelling using the existing ducting and with the benefit of being able to add extra radiators for additional rooms or loft conversion.

The installation of an Aquair linked to any other heat source can be ideal for installers who do not hold a DAH1 certificate as it is not needed for this type of warm air installation.