Sika Liquid Plastics helps academy secure roof refurbishment funding

The recent roof refurbishment works at Eden Park Primary School Academy in Devon are yet another example of Sika Liquid Plastics’ dedication to delivering roofing systems that suit the sensitive education environment, as well as helping academies to secure funding.

The first priority for the academy, as with all refurbishment projects, was identifying its needs. The Bristol-based chartered building surveyors, Kenneth & Edwards, were employed by Eden Park to manage the project. Engaging with a quality surveyor with a proven track record of securing money from the Condition Improvement Fund was a wise decision.

When it comes to roofing, it is important that the surveyor chooses a company that they can rely on to provide a robust and accurate condition report, together with costed proposals. These contribute to a ‘bid statement’, designed to prove best value and offer the greatest opportunity for the academy to obtain funding.

Kenneth & Edwards worked with the team at Sika Liquid Plastics, who compiled a detailed report on the original felt roof, which had reached the end of its life and was in desperate need of upgrading.

Paddy O’Conner from Kenneth & Edwards said:

“When it came to specifying a product for refurbishment, I was looking for a system that could cope with complicated detailing, as there was extensive work needed to make good around the roof lights. However, I was also conscious that if we used a traditional system with hot works, and the project overran the summer holiday period, there would be considerable disruption and risk.”

Sika Liquid Plastics’ liquid waterproofing membrane, Decothane, fit the bill. The liquid solution allows for ease of application around detailing and as the product is cold applied, installation could be undertaken during term time, if need be, without interrupting the education environment.

“The Sika Liquid Plastics system seemed to be the answer and was within budget,” added Paddy. “And what finally swung it was the quality of the guarantee. All components of the system are covered by a substantial 20 year guarantee, which even goes so far as to adopt the original waterproofing down to and including the deck.”

Stormforce Roofing and Maintenance, a Sika Liquid Plastics Quality Assured Contractor, completed the work in a matter of weeks, flawlessly overlaying the 1,500m² roof with the new Decothane system, as well was installing new insulation and Decalite roof lights. These roof lights do not require raising of builders kerbs and consequential making good of the reveals, and are designed so that during installation the classrooms below do not need to be cleared.

The Sika Liquid Plastics system also allowed for a thermal upgrade, reducing both cost and work otherwise associated with stripping the original waterproofing to the deck.

Simon Kalas, Stormforce Roofing, said:

“We’re always impressed with the products and services from Sika Liquid Plastics – it’s the whole package. The support they offer throughout the project is second to none. We say that Decothane is the Rolls-Royce of liquid membranes, while still offering great value to the client.”

Sika Liquid Plastics will regularly inspect the roof during the guarantee period to ensure that the system is performing well.

David Holmes, Area Sales Manager at Sika Liquid Plastics said:

“Our approach is simple, which is why it has become so popular. We help to get the funding, we offer safe, long term, cost effective roofing solutions which don’t interfere with the education environment, and we monitor the roof during its life to help reduce maintenance issues. The results are evident at Eden Park School – it’s a package we’ve worked hard to develop and are very proud of.”

Eden Park is part of the Coast Academies Trust. The refurbishment forms part of a wider investment in improvement works by Coast Academies to be carried out at the schools making up the trust.

Decothane is available in the UK from Sika Liquid Plastics.