Seamless Flooring Solution For £26 Million Streatham Leisure Centre

The stunning new Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre, in London has reopened thanks to Sika® ComfortFloor® and a multimillion Streatham Hub Development.

Constructed by Vinci Construction UK Ltd on behalf of Spenhill Regeneration in partnership with the London Borough of Lambeth, the new £26 million facility includes an ice rink, swimming pool, sports hall and gym.

With durability key for the flooring of the centre’s changing rooms and toilet facilities, Sika’s Leisure and Retail Flooring was up for the challenge.

The seamless, durable and easy to maintain Sika® ComfortFloor® was appointed as the ideal solution- combining noise suppression and durability with a flawless finish.

Meeting the client’s aesthetic requirements whilst delivering a hard-wearing system that guarantees outstanding long term performance, Sika helped to create a flooring system that could meet the daily demands of the leisure centre.

As well as ease of maintenance for the facility manager, the seamless Sika system offered toughness, durability and an increased life expectancy.

Entech, a Sika approved flooring specialist, prepared and primed the floor using Sikafloor®-161 – a two part, low viscosity epoxy resin primer. A layer of Sikafloor®-330 was then applied to regulate and level the surface before a sealer layer of Sikafloor®-305W, completing the total system thickness of just 2mm.

Available in a range of colours to meet numerous aesthetic requirements, the decorative and durable system is weather and abrasion resistant ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance. Perfect for applications where exceptional hygiene standards are vital – it can provide a seamless solution for food preparation areas, commercial kitchens, hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Sika provides a range of solutions to rejuvenate floors of virtually any size, shape, colour or technical requirement and as these solutions can be applied to a wide range of substrates – from old tiles to vinyl – they can stay in situ so specifiers do not have the added expense, time and landfill disposal of the old failed material.

Combining innovation in product development, the highest standards of manufacturing and technical expertise, Sika’s comprehensive range of flooring solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial applications will meet and exceed client expectations, industry best practices, and building regulations and legislation.

The careful and considered choice of products for the new leisure centre perfectly demonstrates how the Sika® ComfortFloor® system can help deliver high performance and cost-effective solutions, with an efficient installation process suitable for the most challenging and innovative projects.