SAVVY Studio unveils the redesign and new campaign for the iconic Mercedes House

Located in the center of Hell’s Kitchen, SAVVY Studio’s latest project Mercedes House has the finest modern luxury rentals one can find in New York City.

For the apartment building, which was designed by architect Enrique Norten seven years ago, SAVVY rebranded the building with character, using the motto “A Full Living” to represent the revitalised identity of the building. From the redesigned interiors that feature a classic mix of mid-century modern and contemporary pieces to the branding that represents the iconic nature of the brand, the design studio want the people who choose to stay at Mercedes House to know that it is more than just selling an average apartment. It is a whole new way of living, reinforced by the excellence the apartment building is known for. Along with other aspects of the branding such as the logo and the unique materials of the furniture, SAVVY has also created a video campaign that perfectly embodies the new Mercedes House.

A New Identity
As Mercedes House is in the heart of one of New York’s most recognizable neighborhoods, Hell’s Kitchen, it was important for the apartment building to aptly represent the uniqueness of the city that never sleeps. The building was completed seven years ago and designed completely by Norten, so it was important for the SAVVY team to elevate the original identity of the building in a unique way while still maintaining important elements that are cohesive with the space in its entirety.

For the furniture, SAVVY selected a series of specially designed pieces by popular brands such as Van Buren to create an interesting blend of mid-century style with contemporary tastes. The design team also collaborated with Spanish designer Pablo Limon to create a table lamp with a black concrete shade and a metal base; the modern piece will reside within Mercedes House. Other signature pieces include a classic lounge chair by Luteca, a copper stool by English industrial designer Max Lamb titled The Last Stool, and a stainless steel front desk that represents the sleek boldness of the apartment building.

SAVVY’s approach to the branding was to evolve the iconic shape of the building to create memorable imagery. The exterior of Mercedes House was then developed into something much more abstract, creating an intricate representation of the building that shows the perfect balance of structure and flow amongst the property. The use of abstract images creates a solid symbol, one wholly unique to the apartment building.

Another important aspect with the creation of the branding was capturing the vibrancy of the city. The typeface was changed into a solid bolder typography, one that resonates with the New York spirit. The same font was used throughout the building in black, keeping in tandem with the straightforward theme. The SAVVY team also selected specific phrases to really create an emotional connection to the tenants. This personal connection is further demonstrated in the campaign through a series of photos taken by photographer Marc Regas.

The most important element of the entire redesign however is the mood it creates. SAVVY wanted Mercedes House to be more than just a visual. The combination of every element, from the furniture and elevated style to the prominent logo, makes the building a standout, and focuses on the importance of creating an experience, brought together by evocative scenery and beautiful images. The entire redesign helped create a new voice, a new visual, and a new personality.

The Mercedes Campaign
In addition to the wholly unique branding, SAVVY wanted to tip off the Mercedes House experience with the unexpected: a visual campaign. Rafael Prieto, the firm’s cofounder and creative director, collaborated with Miquel Polidano who handled the art direction, Albert Moya who directed the film and Marc Regas who handled the photography, for the Mercedes House Campaign, which consists of a video that addresses all of the additions Mercedes House has to offer, including Lifestyle, Fitness and Wellness, convenience, accessible location, and other amenities. The short film details the positive experiences of five tenants within Mercedes House and their interactions with each other.

Virtually unheard of in this field, the campaign is more than a video. It presents the experience of Mercedes House, one the gathers every aspect of the building in a clear unified message. SAVVY created the video to intrigue perspective renters, and show them what they can expect when they choose to live in a location like Mercedes House. This campaign was created and designed to be as iconic as the building itself.