Producing edging systems for 25 years

For 25 years, EverEdge have been producing steel garden edging systems for use in landscaping projects around the world. In more recent years there has been a boom in the UK green roof market with housebuilders and architects looking to rooftops and podiums as a way to bring landscapes into the cities. Green roofs are now recognised as a great environmental boon to city planning, not to mention the enjoyment we all get on a personal level from beautiful gardens.

To fit in with this demand, EverEdge are able to produce not only low level edging systems but also made to measure steel walls and planters to suit virtually any specification and in a variety of finishes. The most specified finish in recent years has been Cor-Ten steel which is chosen for its low maintenance qualities as much as for its aesthetics.

EverEdge work exclusively in steel as we believe it is the best material for the job. Not only is it 100% recyclable, but it has an incredibly high strength to weight ratio. This ensures that steel construction requires less material and enables us to design and build lightweight, robust and durable structures.

EverEdge can work with architects, designers and contractors to find answers to the specific challenges of installing steel walls and planters onto roofs whether they be ensuring the surface remains waterproof or to ensure weight limits are adhered to.

We are expecting to see continued growth in the green roof and podium sectors throughout 2019 and are excited to see what projects land on our desks over the next months.