Perfectly prepared with SterlingOSB Zero PrimedPlus

West Fraser has introduced a new ready-primed version of industry-leading SterlingOSB Zero board which has been created for, site security and hoardings, barriers/screening, temporary public walkways, and the boarding up of damaged buildings, signage, interior screening, shop fitting/retail, displays promotions, building extensions and renovations. In essence, it is a blank canvas for colourful marketing messages. Everything the specifier needs to know about SterlingOSB Zero PrimedPlus, is detailed on a new downloadable factsheet.

The new panel is available in white and grey and produced in 18mm thick, square-edged sheets measuring 1220mm wide by 2440mm long. The top face is primed with a high-quality cross-linked epoxy acylate UV cured coating to front, giving a smooth finish and the sides are sealed to reduce water ingress, leaving the sheets ready for decoration or the application of graphics. The structure is free from knots or voids and, from an environmental perspective, the ‘Zero’ in the name assures specifiers that the product contains no added formaldehyde.

SterlingOSB Zero is the first UK manufactured OSB with zero-added formaldehyde to deliver health as well as several other technical benefits, making it superior to softwood plywood as well as particleboard. The factory-primed, ultra-smooth surface presents a blank canvas for marketing messages and other types of promotional display. Being rugged and weather-resistant, the SterlingOSB Zero PrimedPlus boards can be used outside for security applications, such as screening or walkways; hospitality, shopfitting, and housebuilding are other key markets.

SterlingOSB Zero PrimedPlus is CE-marked and complies with the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) requirements. The boards are supplied in packs of 50 to cover a total area of approximately 150m². Right across its range, West Fraser has been making substantial investment in reducing the environmental impact of its production processes including signing new contracts with its energy suppliers to ensure that all its power comes from renewable sources that are covered by REGO (Renewable Energy of Guaranteed Origins) certification.

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