New optometrist premises does away with racks of frames to provide an environment focussed on eye care

  • Close collaboration between interior and brand designer realised founder’s vision

Valarie Jerome, is the eponymous name of a new optometrist in Newbury, Berkshire. With a focus on eye care advice and guidance, rather than just the sale of multiple frames, the challenge for interior designer Vicky Tallon, was to reflect this different philosophy in the business’ premises. Vicky and Valarie were soon joined in their design discussions by Clare Sheffield, brand design consultant at Strong & Together.

Vicky explained:

“Valarie had been thinking about establishing her own business for some time and had some clear ideas about what she did and didn’t want in her premises. There are obviously certain ‘must haves’ that have to be incorporated when designing an optometrists e.g. a comfortable and relaxed waiting area for patients, an administrative area, somewhere for frames, to be displayed and, of paramount importance, the clinical consultation area. Combining these into a relatively small area, that allowed people to move easily to the different functions, took some careful design. It meant reconfiguring the interior to allow a smoother passage through the various stages of a visit along with significant changes to the external fascia.”

The result is a calm, chic boutique ambiance, that includes clean, white lines accentuated with light, copper coloured, industrial style display elements. The spherical shape of an eye’s pupil is reflected in many of the design components, not least the business logo, and the decoration on the rear wall of the main area.

Vicky Tallon, interior designer, said;

“Working with Valarie and Clare has been really rewarding. Valarie knew what she didn’t want and Clare really understands that a brand is not just a logo. The whole process has been both stimulating and enjoyable and I think that energy and synergy is reflected in the in the final look and feel of the business.”


Vicky’s design focus is on inspiring and beautifully thought-out interiors that not only flow naturally and maximise space, but which are also functional and reflect my clients’ individual personalities. She has worked on residential and community space projects across Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Wiltshire and London.

Her previous involvement in commercial project management enables Vicky to offer a unique experience that combines an obvious passion for art and design with years of business experience. The resulting projects are both both stunning and well managed.

Projects vary in size from small (e.g. concept design, soft furnishings) right through to large ones (fully project managed, whole house renovations). Many clients like to start small and develop it from there, so the bespoke services are tailored to individual client needs.