New BAL Level Fast – Fast and Agile over rough terrain

BAL, market-leaders in full tiling solutions, have launched a new rapid-setting levelling compound – BAL Level Fast.

BAL Level Fast lets you get on with tiling sooner with floors ready to walk on after only 30 minutes and ready to tile after only 45 minutes!

Fast and agile over rough terrain, it is suitable over underfloor heating and timber floors from just a 3mm bed depth, BAL Level Fast is engineered to ensure a longer wet edge (10 minutes) and anti-shrinkage technology to provide the perfect substrate for tiling small domestic projects.

Formulated with Fibre Strand Technology (FST) for improved flexibility and resilience, BAL Level Fast can be used from 2-30mm bed depths.

A 10-15 minute pot life ensures enough time to mix and use, while self-smoothing and self-healing technology ensures a perfect, flat surface with no cracks or bowing beneath the tiles.

What’s more, a smooth “one pour” formulation with excellent flow makes for ease and speed of installation – while no need to spike rolling also saves valuable time!

BAL Level Fast keeps a 10 minute wet edge and is suitable for most surfaces including sand:cement screeds, overlaid timber, tongue and groove floorboard, single layer ply, tile adhesive residues, existing unglazed tiles or natural stone. It can also go over mastic asphalt, tile backer boards and anhydrite/calcium sulfate screeds.

Alex Underwood, Head of Marketing and Customer Service at BAL said:

“Where exceptionally fast-set levelling is required, then look no further than new BAL Level Fast with FST technology.”

“Perfect for small domestic projects, it is exceptionally quick drying – you can walk on it from just 30 minutes and begin fixing in 45 minutes – its unique technology gives you 10 minutes to pour and mix your next bag whilst still ensuring a smooth, seamless finish – without the need to spike roll.”

“An exceptional flow makes for smooth and easy installation.”

Protein free, BAL Level Fast is available in 20kg bags. While it is suitable for some small commercial projects, it isn’t pumpable, so for larger projects BAL still recommends BAL Level Max.

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