Macs Automated Bollards: Protecting People and Places

Macs specialise in the supply of automatic bollards and hostile vehicle mitigation solutions. Suppling companies and local authorities right across the UK, our products help keep town and city centres safe and secure. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, which is why with Macs Automated Bollard Systems you can rest assured that our team will thoroughly discuss and assess your specific needs, and work to deliver a product tailor made for you.

Automatic security bollards are an effective and convenient way to help prevent or solve problems such as the unauthorised use of parking spaces, restriction of road access, and offer additional security to buildings and spaces. They also offer a visual and physical deterrent to potential theft of vehicles and other criminal behaviour.

With many years’ experience in security bollards and access control, you can rest assured that our team will thoroughly discuss and assess your specific needs, and work to deliver a product tailor made for you. We only work with manufacturers we believe offer the most reliable and highest quality products, and are constantly looking for new and innovative products to further complement our range. With a full technical support and aftercare service, we will always have someone at the and of the phone or email when you need. All our products are fully tested prior to leaving our warehouse to ensure operation

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Telescopic security bollards have become an everyday sight in today’s town and city centres, with more and more local authorities choosing to install telescopic bollards as a way of introducing traffic calming measures and pedestrian only areas. Macs’ telescopic bollards are the result of numerous years of research and development. The security bollards use a hydraulic system with a built-in pump, making them extremely reliable for use on a wide variety of applications, and are available in a choice of sizes and a choice of options including:
Custom colours of the bollard cylinder to match surrounding area
Flashing lights and sounder in the bollard head to ensure visibility and safety
Bollard blackout device for use in case of power failure.
Integration with access control and our bespoke fault monitoring system to give complete control

Our PASS range of bollards have been installed in local authority public realm schemes all across the UK for over 15 years, and are designed for residential, commercial and highway installations For more information on what type of automatic telescopic bollards may be suitable for your requirements call today to speak with one of our team.
For projects where a high impact crash tested security bollard is required, we offer a range of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) bollards here.

Founded in 2008, Macs Automated Bollard System Ltd has seen steady growth year on year, with a growing engineering and servicing department servicing a large customer base all over the UK. Designed with customer satisfaction in mind from the start, Macs Automated Bollards is a team of experienced advisers and fully-trained and qualified engineers who endeavour to deliver outstanding levels of customer service and technical excellence.