Luceco lights new education facilities in Dubai

Amity Group have chosen Luceco to provide an energy efficient LED lighting solution for a new educational establishment in Al Quasis, Dubai.

Luceco delivered a complete lighting solution for both the interior and exterior of the school’s facilities. Amity School Dubai is designed to meet the highest standard of education, offering learning that is interdisciplinary, engaging, and challenging.

With an ideal location, situated in the Al Qusais School Zone, the facility covers a 14-acre area featuring light filled, modern buildings and state-of-the-art facilities. Dedicated spaces within the education facility are used for learning enrichment programs such ICT, Art, and Music. The Library provides a range of learning opportunities where students can have access to various resources, as well as information technology.

LuxPanel luminaires and Platinum Downlights were installed in classrooms and assembly rooms and IP65 rated LuxPanels were used in laboratories. Supplied with remote ‘plug and play’ drivers, available in standard fixed output, dimmable and emergency options, high efficiency LuxPanels boasts a market leading efficacy of 152 Lm/cW and are quick and easy to install with no maintenance requirements.

Transit areas, corridors, restrooms and the library were also lit using downlighter luminaires from the Platinum range. Spacious, well-designed classrooms provide an ideal learning environment for children to enjoy. Each classroom is equipped to make daily lessons interactive and engaging for students, with an emphasis on bright colour schemes along with large windows providing natural light to enhance the learning environment as well as LED lighting assisting with the overall lit effect.

Spacious and colourful hallways connect classrooms and activity spaces. Indoor and outdoor play areas offer plenty of free space as well recreational equipment for children to enjoy and take part in sports activities. Platinum LED Downlights offer running cost savings of up to 80 per cent and are designed to retrofit ceiling cut outs of common compact fluorescent downlights. Platinum features easy fit positive locating swing out tabs and interchangeable bezel options and are ideal for use with sensors and lighting controls. Titan High Bays were installed in Indoor sports facilities, also offering high efficacy and instant light unlike traditional HID fittings.

Externally, recreation areas, the swimming pool and sports courts were lit with commercial floodlights and Atlas bulkheads, bollard fittings and buried up lighters, provided the amenity lighting around building.

Atlas provides an alternative to traditional 28 and 38-watt 2D compact fluorescent fittings. Atlas luminaires can be installed with an integral microwave sensor to further reduce energy consumption. With the corridor function selected, the sensor adjusts the light level to 10 per cent of the normal level when the outdoor space is unoccupied.

Bollard fittings can be used to provide up to 50,000 hours of glare free energy saving illumination to enhance an outside space. Luceco Bollard LED luminaires are ideal for modern and creative exterior lighting and are suitable for many applications including public areas and walkways in commercial, retail and hospitality environments. Bollard fittings from Luceco can include emergency and photocell options and can be easily installed using flange plate or bolt on root options. Good light distribution with low glare is key to lighting amenity spaces. Indirect light distribution and carefully engineered reflector technology allows for a low glare but well-lit environment.

Buried up lighters from Luceco were also installed at Amity School Dubai. The luminaires withstand a 2500kg max loading and benefit from a low surface temperature glass. Adjustable options are also available where the beam can be tilted at 10°, 30° or 40° settings.

Finally, commercial grade floodlights from Luceco were used at Amity School Dubai. Die-cast aluminium housing, asymmetric polycarbonate lenses with toughened glass and pre-wired with H05RN-F rubber cable all contribute to the benefits of this exterior luminaire. Available in 50-220W, 5200 to 23,000 Lumens achieving 105Llm/W, these commercial grade floodlights provide illumination for many external applications, commonly replacing HID fittings.

Amity School Dubai is part of Amity Education, with a proven record of accomplishment of educating children to become successful leaders. Luceco and Energy Partner Debbas Electric LLC, ensured the project met the criteria within the stipulated timescales, providing this modern educational facility with an energy saving, and cost effecting lighting solution for years to come.