London commuter tunnel gets complete protection thanks to Newton Waterproofing

The Limehouse Link Tunnel is a busy London commuter route which recently required protection from unwanted water ingress thanks to Newton Waterproofing, the leading independent UK supplier of structural waterproofing systems.

The 1.1-mile tunnel stretches beneath East London, connecting The Highway to Canary Wharf in London Docklands, and was experiencing a water leak near the roof of the structure at the tunnel’s entrance.

Main contractor RMS (A13) Plc turned to Newton Specialist Contractor, and injection resin specialists, ASF Waterproofing to repair the structural cracks and concrete joints.

Following an initial investigation, ASF worked alongside Newton to provide a suitable waterproofing solution and opted to inject the TRADECC PC Leakinject Uni 6816 E polyurethane resin into the structural cracks and joints.

Part of TRADECC’s high performance specialist injection resin range for water sealing, soil consolidation, and structural and concrete repair, the PC Leakinject Uni 6816 E resin is exclusively available in the UK from Newton Waterproofing. When injected, the resin reacts to form a strong, hard seal in structural cracks and joints, stemming the flow of water and returning the structure to full working order.

The project was particularly challenging due to both time and access restrictions. As the water ingress was located near the roof, the entire tunnel needed to close for the repairs to be carried out, which was only possible between 11pm and 4am to minimise disruption to the roads of London.

Such a short timeframe meant that, after setting up a cherry picker and scissor lift to reach the area and clearing the site by early morning, ASF were left with just a four-hour window to carry out the works each night.

However, despite the restrictive time windows, ASF completed the project in a timely manner, with both the tunnel and the vehicles that use it now protected from unwanted water.

Shaun King, Director of ASF Waterproofing, commented:

“Despite the challenges presented to us with this project, ASF managed to successfully waterproof the Limehouse Link Tunnel using the specialist injection resin, Newton 320-FP. This resin was ideal for this project due to its ability to react quickly with water to effectively seal the cracks in the concrete.”

The project is a perfect demonstration of the quality of Newton’s network of Specialist Contractors and their exclusive UK distribution partnership with Belgian construction chemicals specialist TRADECC.

Newton Waterproofing’s MD Warren Muschialli said:

“The Limehouse Link Tunnel project not only shows ASF Waterproofing’s outstanding quality when it comes to injection resins and structural repair work, it also shows how adaptable they are, with the restrictions not compromising the quality of the work carried out.”

“It also demonstrates the value of our partnership with TRADECC. Customers and partners of Newton Waterproofing can now profit from TRADECC’s 50 years’ experience in the manufacturing of products for waterproofing, water sealing, soil stabilisation, concrete repair and structural reinforcement.”

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