Hospital installs Yeoman Shield to help maintain fire doors

Stockport NHS Trust runs both community NHS services and Stepping Hill Hospital, which serves people across the areas of Stockport and the High Peak. With the responsibility of the safety and comfort of so many patients and staff, it is important that the trust maintain a high-quality standard within the built environment.

When fire doors in the ground floor corridor of the hospital were identified as having minor damage to edges and panels, the trust engaged with Yeoman Shield to provide a solution to stop the damage from becoming a major concern. Left unchecked this type of impairment can lead to the non-conformity and malfunction of a fire door.

Yeoman Shield supplied and installed fire rated FD30 Door Edge Protectors to the leading and hinged edges of double swing door sets along the corridor.

Door faces were fitted with Yeoman Shield 2mm thick FalmouthEx protection panels, to guard against impact damage mainly caused by the movement of wheeled and motorised trolleys.

Now that the hospital’s fire doors have Yeoman Shield protection fitted, the life cycle of the doors will be extended, avoiding the costly task of replacing them.

Yeoman Shield door protection products have been fully fire tested to the current standards required.

For fire test and product information on the complete range of wall and door protection go to or call 0113 279 5854.