Healing acoustics

According to healing design principles, superior acoustics in hospitals are recognised as one of the most important factors in their design.

This is being proved in an innovative temporary patient room for a major new hospital being built in Copenhagen. Bispebjerg hospital is an ultramodern psychiatric project covering 22,500sqm which includes an emergency admission unit and provides 200 rooms for patients. The study focuses on creating a stress-free environment where patients feel secure and at peace.

In this room, the lighting is a combination of natural daylight and dynamic LED lighting that is specially adapted to suit the circadian rhythm. Good acoustics are ensured by light coloured Troldtekt ceiling panels in a fine finish, while the walls have been clad with acoustic oak slats which provide natural ventilation with more fresh air and reduced solar gain in the summer months.

Apart from new projects, good acoustics are equally important in existing buildings being given a change of use. For example, the former post office in Hvidovre, also near Copenhagen, has been converted into a modern healthcare centre which has a welcoming feel and excellent rehabilitation facilities.

Here the architects have struck a fine balance between refined and more rustic materials. For example, on the ground floor, high ceilinged rooms that used to be the former post office storerooms have Troldtekt acoustic ceiling panels installed throughout to ensure good acoustics.

Specified throughout the UK and Europe, the benefits of 100 per cent Troldtekt natural wood wool panels include high sound absorption, high durability, natural breathability, low cost life cycle performance and sustainability as documented by Cradle to Cradle certification at silver level.

The panels are also specified to improve acoustics in many different projects, such as schools, leisure centres, pools, commercial, private and public buildings. Available in various sizes and in four grades from extreme fine to coarse, they can be left untreated or painted in virtually any RAL colour.

Samples, case studies and technical information are easily sourced from tel 01978 664255 or visit www.troldtekt.co.uk. More information around the theme of Healing Architecture theme can be found on www.troldtekt.com/News/Themes/Healing_architecture