Harrison Thompson appoints a Finance Director


Alison Greer joined the board of directors of Harrison Thompson this month on 6th April 2022, becoming the first female director in the company’s 56-year history. Alison will provide leadership to the Board’s Finance and Accounting strategy, providing financial analysis and guidance, business drive and plans. This will optimise the company’s financial performance and contribute to the development of company strategy.

In July 1984, Alison began working as a receptionist at Harrison Thompson. After a short period, she was promoted to working a dual role between accounts and sales demonstrating enthusiasm in all responsibilities. Managers were quick to identify Accountancy was where she flourished and found fulfilment. It was then that she was appointed the Accounts Administrator role, to pursue this career path.

Alison successfully attained several accountancy qualifications, becoming a qualified finance professional achieving MAAT and was promoted to the Accounts Team manager. After many years of hard work, dedication and going above and beyond in this role, in 2001 she was appointed the Company Secretary. This was a successful transition and she excelled in this role working closely with directors.

For almost 38 years, Alison has played a vital part within the company and is already a key decision maker. Already involved in the operations and outcomes, it has been an easy business decision to invite her to join the board of directors.

Alison remembers been asked by a company director some years back, where she sees herself in 10 years’ time and her response was,

“I want to be in your role, I want to one day become a director.”

Harrison Thompson is pleased that she has been able to achieve what she set out to do at an early stage in her career and that they have been able to provide this opportunity for her.

The company directors are excited to have Alison on board saying,

“We feel that this appointment is well deserved and will strengthen the company moving forward. Congratulations Alison, we wish you all the best”.

Alison’s response was,

“I am chuffed to bits, it’s a privilege to join the board. I do not underestimate the responsibilities that come with the role, but I am excited to take them on.”

Harrison Thompson congratulates Alison on this fantastic promotion.