Future proof your bathroom with Schlüter-Systems

David Naylor, Schlüter-Systems’ Head of Marketing, explains how Schlüter is helping in the creation of waterproof, long-lasting bathrooms.

Schlüter-Systems is well known as an expert when it comes to creating long-lasting bathrooms. Past shortcomings in the design of both new-build properties and retrofits have shown the importance of protecting the fabric of the bathrooms with reliable waterproofing. This is a point underlined by the NHBC’s forthcoming (July 2024) technical guidance that will effectively rule out the use of gypsum plasterboard or magnesium oxide boards as the substrate for tiling in a wet room or where a power shower is fitted.

The changes require the use of substrate boards which are fully resistant to water and, ideally, will mitigate against the creation of condensation within the wall build-up. Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD features an XPS foam core and is faced on both sides with a reinforcement layer and fleece webbing that offers an ideal key for tile adhesive.

Energy-saving and direct cost savings in terms of lower installation costs can be achieved across various product types: for example, intelligent lighting systems such as Schlüter-LIPROTEC are literally plug-and-play, so very quick to fit and set up. There are also products which make it far simpler to create bespoke installations and pieces of fitted furniture such as insulated substrate boards which have been formed to create a ready-to-tile washbasin. Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-W is a prime example of this.

There is almost always a balance to be struck between cost and top quality, but customers should recognise that the reduced labour times often delivered by high specification products will offset the higher purchase price. And, whether this is perceived as being at the luxury end of the market or not, better quality often translates into enhanced property values.

For the retailer, being seen to have a product offering with durability as the focus can definitely enhance a retailer’s brand identity – being conscientious in what they stock is only likely to improve their reputation with specifiers and property owners; and avoids them potentially missing out on a growing market opportunity.

Lastly, heat pump technology due to replace conventional boilers, the industry needs to change the way it thinks about space heating and its delivery. Both ground and air source heat pumps work more efficiently at lower flow temperatures. Schlüter BEKOTEC-THERM hydronic underfloor heating facilitates the creation of lower temperature circuits, with the pipework clipped into studded boards which offer an improved annual output factor, while also acting as a decoupling layer. Importantly, the system complies with Government energy saving targets and the Energy Conservation Act.

The industry can expect to see more legislation from Government and the likes of NHBC, aiming to drive improved performance, with product innovation hopefully keeping pace in meeting those challenges. We are seeing new products such as tiles produced from recycled coffee grounds, while fittings which reduce water and energy usage are going to become increasingly attractive; along with those which require lower maintenance. Then with an ageing population, ergonomics and the avoidance of risks or products that promote hygiene and occupational health considerations have become more important.

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