Eating at 2360m altitude

Located at the top of the mountain, where three cable car lines meet, the new Gütsch Restaurant will be the heart of the new ski region Andermatt-Sedrun in the Swiss Alps. The restaurant, will attract both daytime skiers and dinner guests from the valley based Grand Hotels.

Studio Seilern Architects’ concept creates a robust landmark which responds to the dramatic setting of the landscape. The new restaurant will be designed as a contemporary “hameau”, a Swiss hamlet, taking inspiration from the carved stone sculpture of Horta de Ebro by Manolo Valdez.

Made out of local stone and reflecting the silhouette of vernacular Swiss villages, Restaurant Gütsch will cater both for the aesthetic and the climatic challenges of a unique site. The wide openings will offer panoramic views over the valley of Andermatt, whilst the timber-lined interior walls offer cosy comfort.

The large South-facing terraces will create a further interplay between the lightness of timber and the heaviness of the stone façade. By propping the terraces on slender columns they are read as a light ribbon wrapping the base of the buildings.

The materiality vision is for a concrete walls structure, clad in local stone with a timber roof structure. Timber roof beams span the entirety of each volume and define the character of each individual dining room, whilst soaring past the lower ancillary spaces. The rhythmic alignment of the deep timber beams is unique to each volume and follows the diagonal slope of the modular roofs.