Consort launches new electric heating brochure plus updates to BIM library

Consort Claudgen have launched their latest Heat brochure which includes a host of new heaters and heating controls in their product range.

The 48-page brochure features motion-activated and waterproof run-back time controllers, new heaters in the electronic 7-day timer range and advanced wireless controllers which are now compatible with Consort’s RX and SL heaters. All of these are detailed in the brochure along with the established panel and fan heaters, convectors, LST heaters, air curtains, downflows and towel rails.

Consort have also added new BIM objects of low surface temperature heaters to their BIM library which consists of panel and fan heaters, recessed ceiling heaters and air curtains. All of these objects are available to download from Consort Claudgen’s website or the NBS National BIM Library. The BIM objects featured in the NBS National BIM Library include technical details such as dimensions, ratings, insulation standard classes and electrical specifications to aid architects and specifiers in their design process.