CaberFloor P5 for creak-free flooring

CaberFloor P5, from timber panel specialist West Fraser, trading as Norbord, is the UK’s most popular moisture resistant flooring panel of its type. It is a high-performance particleboard being widely specified due to its stability, durability and ease of installation for the user.

The sturdy, high-density panels come in thicknesses of 18 or 22mm, in both square-edged or tongue and grooved profiles, the latter featuring profiles on all four sides to offer maximum flexibility. The precision-engineered edges ensure smooth and speedy installation while the tight-fitting joints eliminate the annoyance of creaking.

Significantly for the installer, choosing T&G CaberFloor P5 removes the need for intermediate noggins, while ‘secret’ or hidden mailing or screws can be employed within the joints. Alternatively, CaberFix Joint&Joist adhesive can be applied to the edges, further countering the risk of squeaks and creaks that blight traditional floorboards and many ply or particleboard decks. CaberFix D4 is also ideal for bonding flooring boards to both joists and tongue and groove joints and for sealing the board edges.

Available in lengths of 2400mm and 600mm wide, the floor panels are both FSC and CE certified and are ideal for humid environments, in or residential as well as new-build or retrofit applications. Another eco-friendly attribute is that the timber used to make the board is grown in the UK which means less transportation as well as offering a more secure supply in an increasingly disrupted global market. Addressing increasing concerns regarding sustainability, CaberFloor P5 is net carbon negative and locks in the CO2 during its lifetime, while assisting architects and develops to minimise waste and health risks through responsible specification. West Fraser’s CaberFloor P5, presenting a RIBA-approved BIM object, can be specified with absolute confidence in the most demanding situations.

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