Building your perfect eco-friendly garage

Every week we hear about the environment, and more and more we are aware of how our actions as humans have damaged the planet. Most of us are now taking steps to reduce the impact we have, making changes in our lifestyle and homes. We are more aware of energy saving and we are looking for ways to make things eco-friendlier. A new concept to the market is the eco garage.

The eco-garage is becoming more popular, as they not only make savings on energy usage, but they also can work out much cheaper. Below we look at how you can build the perfect eco-garage which protects your pride and joy while helping you becoming eco-friendlier.

Steel Garages are the Eco Future
When deciding what material to use for the construction of your garage you must decide what one meets your needs, while still being eco-friendly. Traditional concrete garages can be a good start, as they may offer some eco benefits, however, there are much better options on the market. The eco-friendliest garage around currently are steel ones, in the form of pre-fabricated steel kits. These kits, supplied by manufacturers like Armstrong Steel, offer a cheap and extremely environmental friendly alternative to concrete. As they are in kit form, they can be constructed with little environmental damage or without much of a hit on your pocket. You will also not want to lose heat and metal is great way of conducting the solar energy and then using it to heat the garage. This is a further saving on energy use and cost. Steel Kit garages also meet green certification standards.

Concrete Can Be Eco-Friendly Too
If you have already got a concrete garage it is likely to already offer some eco benefits. Concrete is an incredibly sustainable material and should last for a long time. If you are going to use pervious concrete, it will allow for allowing for water to drain away. Using Hydrophobic Pore Blocking Ingredients on the roof will also prevent water, stop dampness and avoid leaks. This should cut down on future repair work.

The Door
If you decide to go with a concrete garage, you will need a door. Recycled material is the best option. You should be able to find recycled material in a variety of colours and styles, so you will be able to use one that meets your stylistic requirements. These recycled doors will also be weather resistant and if installed correctly can insulate the building well. This will be particularly important if the garage is connected the property. Escaped heat from the home can add significantly to energy usage and cost.

Electric Car Charging Point
No eco-garage is complete without the addition of an electric car, and therefore an electric car charging point. The benefits of an eco-friendly car are well-known, however, in many countries, they are now offering incentives for you to have an eco-charging point in your home as well.