Bond It saves customers from harsh choices

Bond It is making it easier for homeowners and landscaping professionals across the UK to enjoy cleaner patios and hard landscaped areas without resorting to the use of harsh chemicals.

The business, which is one of the UK’s largest independent manufacturers of sealants, adhesives and building chemicals, has revamped its Patio Blaster green mould remover with developments including the introduction of new packaging.

The new packaging gives the product a fresh, new look and also makes Patio Blaster’s many valuable benefits more accessible and readably understandable.

Kirstie Cooper, Marketing Manager at Bond It, explains: “Patio Blaster is highly effective at removing green mould, lichens, moss, algae and other organic growth but does so without employing acids or bleach as part of its formulation.

“This makes it far less aggressive and corrosive as well as an ideal choice at a time when we’re all looking to be more considerate of the environment and of nature as a whole.”

In addition to its gentler cleaning action, which kills off green growth in two to three days, Patio Blaster is biodegradable, anti-bacterial and long-lasting.

After application, it will protect treated surfaces from the reoccurrence of organic growth for several months.

As a further benefit, Patio Blaster offers exceptional versatility. It can be used on patios, driveways, fencing, decking, pathways, roofing, stonework, brickwork, masonry and concrete. It is also effective on artificial play surfaces, garden sheds, greenhouses, conservatories and even caravans.

Plus, thanks to its gentle formulation, Patio Blaster can be used on delicate surfaces such as glass, rendering, mortar and plaster without causing damage.

Summing up, Kirstie adds: “Bond It’s already extensive landscaping range continues to evolve as we adopt new technology and look to accommodate changing trends.”

“Recently, this has seen introduce products that are more environmentally friendly and that address specific growth areas in landscaping – such as the use of artificial grass and of porcelain paving.

“We’ve also got numerous other new additions in the final stages of development and due to be launched imminently.”