Academy enhances corridors with the help of Yeoman Shield

MacMillan Academy, responsible for the care and education of 1500 11-18-year olds, undertook during the summer of 2019, a large project to further refurbish many corridors within its central building, with the help of Yeoman Shield wall protection products.

As a campus site the Academy’s central building is one of the oldest dating from around 1940 and in a bid to meet today’s expectations and blend seamlessly with the newer, fresher facilities it was key to find a solution which both enhanced the overall appearance, while also ensuring hardwearing durable areas were achieved.

Having provided quality products and services to a previous project for Macmillan Academy, Yeoman Shield were first choice for the provision of wall protection on this latest refurbishment.

Yeoman Shield’s directly employed fixing operatives installed wall protection panels along corridors to protect from costly to repair impact damage and marking.

Along department corridors Yeoman Shield digitally printed protection panels with relevant subject names, text and images were portrait fitted at full height giving an informative yet vibrant design.

Where required, 50mm dia. Guardian Handrails in contrasting colours were installed with Stainless Steel handrails being utilised for stairways and slopes. 200 mm protection rails were fitted to white walls, not only for impact protection but to provide interest with a colour contrast.

Mrs Jackson, Estates Director at Macmillan Academy explained,

“The finish of Yeoman Shield products not only provides us with a hardwearing solution but has also been used to visually enhance the corridors. We were excited to install the bespoke printed panels, handrails and protection rails, all of which added to the visual appearance of the finished products.”

Yeoman Shield’s wide choice of colours also allowed The Academy to pick wall panels to match bespoke signage frames, supplied by The Horizon Group, resulting in stunning wall displays.

“Yeoman Shield expertly managed all aspects of the project; from initial quotation stage, to installation to the project sign-off, they adapted to fit our work schedule to ensure all works were completed for the first day of the new term. Again, the dedicated team were super-efficient and met with all our H & S requests.”

Mrs Jackson concludes,

“Overall an outstanding project which has provided sustainably manageable corridors, which we are sure will stand the test of time.”

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