20 Soho Square

  • Location – London, UK
  • Total Area = 6,000 sq m
  • Ventilation System = CAM-C Direct Expansion
  • Underfloor supply air and underfloor return air
  • 2016 – Refurbishment

Neo-classical building with a stunning Portland stone facade and colonnade.

The underfloor system features on seven floors of the eight-storey building. The system is a CAM-C Direct Expansion system with supply and return air distributed via the floor plenum. The Fantiles are standard TU4 fan terminals with EC motors for enhanced energy efficiency. Instead of a rooftop chiller providing chilled water, the building uses Daikin Heat Pump units to maximise use of space and energy efficiency.

The redevelopment for Aviva Investments consisted of introducing a new core and WC’s, relocating plant equipment to the roof, creating large open plan office floor plates and a roof terrace with views looking out over London. The property achieved notoriety in Q1 2016 by being rated the fourth biggest property transaction in London by size when Palantir Technologies UK Ltd acquired the whole 64,606 ft² on a ten-year lease.

The project was delivered as a ‘Shell and Floor’ development to allow the incoming tenant to complete the fit out works to their own requirements.

  • Architect = Buckley Grey Yeoman
  • Consultant = Hurley Palmer Flatt
  • Main Contractor = Knight Harwood
  • M & E Contractor = Building Services (Beds)