Architects, not Architecture, London – Virtual World Tour 2020/2021

Architects, not Architecture is turning five and we are celebrating it with a series of virtual events around the world. Since we can’t travel as we used to, we are taking you on a tour around the globe where we “visit” selected cities and virtually meet some of their most relevant architects until May 2021.

Together with you, we are touring the world to listen to the most celebrated architects of our time share their unique paths and talk to them about their challenges, dreams, and ideas. It is one country, two world-renowned names, and their unique stories of becoming and being an architect at each event.

On Thursday, May 6th, 2021, live at 18:00 BST, “AnA” will welcome two of London’s most influential architects. Register on the website to receive the access link to the live stream. Don’t worry – you can watch the event later via the link if you can’t join live.

The two following architects will talk on “AnA” virtual stage about their personal experiences and important creative periods in their lives and, as always at “AnA”, none of their projects may be mentioned: