Keeping children safe from falling roof tiles

With storms and gale force winds now becoming more prevalent than ever the risk of damage to roofs continues to grow. Exposed locations are particularly susceptible to tiles and slates becoming dislodged or broken creating potential danger to those passing below.

Large span and low pitched roofs may retain loose materials such as broken valley mortar for some time but melting snow or torrential rain will ultimately carry them into the gutter line. On steeper pitches, debris is more likely to fall soon after becoming detached and the greater the roof overhang the bigger the risk to those below. In situations such as school playgrounds and busy town centres the hazard is greater still and individual insurance claims have exceeded £10,000*.

To protect against such damage some straightforward and timely preventative measures can pay considerable dividends, not just in winter but throughout the year. A Trapac® Tile & Snow Guard will catch tile pieces and broken mortar and allow water to pass through its grid as snow melts. Its support brackets are suitable for flat or profiled concrete interlocking tiles and are lightweight and easy to fit. No additional support battens are needed and individual sections are simple to connect.

*Freedom of information request by the Daily Mail online – one claimant received £13,500 for injury from falling tile